Welcome to Bonita’s kitchen and thank you for joining us and happy new year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you that have taken the time over these last two and half years, to subscribe, like, share, comments and telling us some beautiful stories and offer suggestions on delicious recipes.

We are so glad to be able to turn these wonderful suggestions into a video recipe that helps you and many more people all over the world enjoy our Traditional Newfoundland Meals.

When we say Traditional Newfoundland Meals we need to keep in mind that everyone through out Newfoundland and Labrador have cooked the same recipes for years but have made it just a little different.

That’s what makes our culture so interesting to those who cross our paths, we also need to respect the way other Newfoundlanders makes their Traditional Newfoundland Dishes and maybe give it a try you might just love it.

Also I’m so excited to announce, coming soon to Bonita’s Kitchen my first Traditional Newfoundland Cookbook; Details will be posted soon on our Facebook page on the release date.

So set back, pour yourself a cup of tea or a beverage of choice and get ready for some more delicious Traditional Newfoundland Recipes made by me through Bonita’s kitchen.

We have a very big year planned with so many wonderful recipes, some of these recipes are requested from our viewers and some I’ve stumbled on in some very old Newfoundland cookbooks, plus the ones I remember has a child.

Some of our recipes coming soon:

Molasses Buns 

Molasses Teabuns

Steamed Apple Pudding 

Steamed Apple Pudding

Bean Soup with Ham

Bean Soup with Ham

Salmon With Molasses Sauce 

Delicious pan fried salmon on a bed of fried apples and topped with a molasses sauce.

Vanilla Custard Pudding 

Vanilla Custard Pudding
Two delicious vanilla custard pudding stopped with whipped cream
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