Homemade Goulash topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese this delicious dish is made up of lean ground beef, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, elbow noodles, lots of garlic and some sea salt and pepper.
Homemade Goulash is a lovely meal anytime of the week, it is good in your fridge for almost a week and it freezes well too. I also love to change it up the next day by adding shredded cheese over the top and baking it in a 350° oven for 30 minutes until all the cheese is melted down and golden brown.
Homemade goulash is my husbands favourite meal, usually he is the one making this dish. I love when it’s my husbands night to cook I can put my feet up and catch up on my writing. 🤗 Meatloaf is another meal that is only made by my husband so I take advantage of my free time.

Some helpful tips: When making this dish or cooking any pasta always salt your pot water and under cook your pasta by two or three minutes because by the time you add the sause and mix it together it is prefect. This is the only time you can season your noodles is while its boiling. Also after your pasta is taken out of your pot water drizzle it with some olive oil this will keep it from sticking together. Also keep some of your pot water about 1/4 cup to add to your pasta sause it will help stick the sause to your pasta noodles.

You can never have to much information when it comes to cooking, this goes both ways I love when you give me helpful tips on what I’m making because I can share that with the rest of our viewers. Please also feel free to leave a message on my site on a meal or recipe that you like and would like to see a video made of it and we will add it to our up in coming list to make for you. If I’m not sure how to make it I will message you and do some research on the recipe to help me make the video. Thank you once again for visiting Bonita’s kitchen and have a wonderful day. Bonita

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