Homemade bread
Freshly baked bread

Homemade Bread
Bread dough rising
Homemade toutons
Fried toutons
Traditional Newfoundland Homemade Bread
Bread buns

I would like to point out an error in the video, I say 12 cups of flour but the recipe is for 81/2 cups of flour. Please go by the recipe for the amount of water needed, but if you like to use 12 cups just add one extra cup of warm water. When making any bread recipe always keep in mind you may need to work more water or flour into your mixture this is not going to spoil your bread it will make you more loafs of bread or buns. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have cost you but please except my apologies, and enjoy your batch of bread I know you will love to final results.

Newfoundland homemade bread - bonita's kitchen
Bread, buns, and toutons
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