Steamed Apple Pudding
Macintosh apples, with cinnamon, ground nutmeg and butter. What is so fascinating about this recipe is the main ingredient is potatoes.

I have made many steamed, boiled puddings but this one by far is one of my favourites.

Boiled Apple Pudding
This is a crushed tomato tin with a cotton bag inside, then the ingredients to make this delicious boiled/steamed Apple pudding.

When you think desserts you are not thinking puddings, but it can’t get any better then this one with apples, cinnamon and brown sugar filling……Mmmmmmm so good.

I can see making this one on a day off work maybe on a Sunday when you got a little more time, letting it slow cook in a boiler of hot water. This recipe got simple ingredients and super easy to make, you will be a rock star in your family.

Boiled Apple Pudding
Delicious and perfectly made this boiled Apple pudding.

This prefect dessert served with canned thick cream or ice cream, and a nice cup of hot tea. 

Diffently a nice way to end a delicious meal with this dessert, serve it hot or room temperature it don’t matter you will love it.

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