Steamed Apple Pudding
Macintosh apples, with cinnamon, ground nutmeg and butter. What is so fascinating about this recipe is the main ingredient is potatoes.

I have made many steamed, boiled puddings but this one by far is one of my favourites.

Boiled Apple Pudding
This is a crushed tomato tin with a cotton bag inside, then the ingredients to make this delicious boiled/steamed Apple pudding.

When you think desserts you are not thinking puddings, but it can’t get any better then this one with apples, cinnamon and brown sugar filling……Mmmmmmm so good.

I can see making this one on a day off work maybe on a Sunday when you got a little more time, letting it slow cook in a boiler of hot water. This recipe got simple ingredients and super easy to make, you will be a rock star in your family.

Boiled Apple Pudding
Delicious and perfectly made this boiled Apple pudding.

This prefect dessert served with canned thick cream or ice cream, and a nice cup of hot tea. 

Diffently a nice way to end a delicious meal with this dessert, serve it hot or room temperature it don’t matter you will love it.

I’m so glad to bring you this recipe for boiled Apple pudding its full of flavour and can be made the day before and warmed over the next day to use with your meal or as a beautiful dessert. You can make personal size dishes just use smaller containers and then follow the recipe posted above.  You can also have a caramel sause for a topping if you like that recipe posted above with the blueberry duff link.

Blueberry Duff and Caramel Sauce
Caramel Sauce

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