Lob Scouce
Traditional Newfoundland Cabbage Soup also called Lob Scouse, this soup was made in many families years ago because vegetables was plentiful. There was a lot of local farmers and this soup is made of mostly freshly grown vegetables.
Delicious boiler full of Lob Scouse this is a soup made up of mostly fresh vegetables and your choice of salt beef, pork or ham bone.
Lob Scouse
Fresh local vegetables chopped up to make this delicious lob scouse.

I can remember my mom making this soup at least once a week when I was a child, this was the type of soup that you can make a lot of and it went along ways. My Dad was a local organic vegetable farmer and he had the best vegetables in town, ok he was my Dad and I can say that. 🙂 We would go around to peoples houses to take orders on how much vegetables they would need for the week, he was a very busy man.

Now getting back to our Lob Scouse soup, this soup is full of flavour from our fresh local vegetables. The fall of the year we need to take extra care of ourselves because its flu season and nothing helps you more then TLC and soup of course. I have some more soup recipes available on my website you may like to try, I will share the links with you.

Traditional Newfoundland Turkey Soup

Turkey Soup
Traditional Newfoundland Turkey Soup, made with fresh local veggies and leftover turkey.

Traditional Newfoundland Beef Barley Soup

Beef Barley Soup
Beef Barley Soup

Traditional Newfoundland Peas Soup & Doughboys

Traditional Newfoundland Peas Soup & Doughboys
Peas (pease) soup and doughboys with pieces of picnic ham, salt beef and lots of fresh vegetables.

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