chicken thigh casserole
Delicious plate of chicken thigh casserole made with layers of fresh veggies, this quick and easy meal can be made anytime of the week. You also can put in your slow cooker on low heat and have dinner ready when you get off work.

I believe in making life easy when it comes to cooking, that don’t mean you have to order in everyday. This just simply means make meals over your work week that is quick and easy but very tasty and good for you.

Traditional Newfoundland Chicken Thigh Casserole
Layer of potatoes, carrot, onion, garlic and topped with skinless chicken thighs to make this dish to good to eat.
chicken thigh casserole
Traditional Newfoundland Chicken Thigh Casserole, this dish was made to feed big families years ago. With lots of vegetables and chicken full of protein.
Chicken thigh casserole meal with layers of vegetable and topped with chicken thighs.

I will share with you more quick and easy meals you can save on your computer for a family meal plan.

Traditional Newfoundland Seven Layer Dinner

Seven Layer Dinner
Delicious seven layer dinner made by many Newfoundlanders and Labradorians over the years to feed big families and it was served with homemade bread.

This dish was inspired by many similar dishes my Dad would make when I was a  kid, he was a organic farmer and we had tunes of vegetables and we always had a few chickens. Dad loved to cook and he did a pretty good job at it too. I always wondered why we had so many layered meals for supper but as I grow older I realized that meals like this one goes a long ways and can feed many mouths.

I thank you once again for visiting and cooking our Traditional Newfoundland Meals with your family and I hope that maybe you can remember similar meals your parents made, then you can share them with us. I also will share with you a link to my first cookbook if you like to check it out.

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Thank you for taking the time out to read my blogs or trying my recipes on this website, I love sharing with you our Traditional and Non-Traditional meals. From my Kitchen to yours have a lovely day and enjoy this delicious meal.

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