Dogberry Jelly
Freshly picked dogberries to make into delicious Traditional Newfoundland Dogberry Jelly, infused with orange zest, fresh ginger, and red apples to build those big flavours. The dogberry is the forgotten berry and its uses are far more valuable then making wine and feeding winter birds.

This beautiful orange/red berry is also the forgotten berry, people don’t bother to pick this berry because of its old wise tales about the berry is no good to eat. That’s not true, If this berry was eaten raw it will maybe upset your stomach because they are very acidic and not enjoyable if eaten straight from the tree. This dogberry got many uses they are good for jams, jellies and wines, also they stay on the trees all winter long and provides food for the birds that deside to stay around all winter long. When the trees are loaded down with dogberries the elders from our culture would say its going to be a cold and long stormy winter based on the amount of fruit on the trees. Late September and October when the trees starts to change colour these beautiful dogberries just hang there all winter long a bright Orange/Red colour.

Dogberry Jelly
Beautiful bright orange/red dogberries with lovely green leaves.

I love making jams and jellies from any type of berry and having these delicious jams all winter long to have on my fresh breads, buns and cakes. I can share with you other jams that are picked here in our beautiful province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Traditional Newfoundland Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Jam
Traditional Newfoundland Raspberry Jam, these fresh raspberries was picked in my sisters yard.

Traditional Newfoundland Blueberry Jam

Traditional Newfoundland Blueberry Jam
Blueberry Jam and freshly picked blueberries

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