Leftover Turkey Pie
Leftover Turkey Pie, this is a delicious way to use up your leftover, potatoes, veggies, turkey and stuffing.

Sometime knowing what to make is the hardest part of cooking, when you got a plan or at less a idea you can make sometime great. This is why I love using my leftovers to make other meals, casserole dishes is always a winning in my house. But when it comes to stuffing, turkey and gravy it always goes over good too, if you put it all together in one dish you are a rock star. 🙂

Making a plan is another good way to start a menu for the week, for example when you take out a chicken to cook think what else can I make with the leftovers. 

I will share with you another great dinner idea your family will love and save it in your favourites for next time you are wondering what to make for dinner.

Traditional Newfoundland Turkey Casserole

Traditional Newfoundland Turkey Casserole
Traditional Newfoundland Turkey Casserole topped with a crispy crust.

I hope you found these recipes helpful for you today, I know how hard it is to make a lovely meal for your family. Turkey is the type of meal you can make so many different meals with, take advantage of that when you cook your next turkey. I have a lovely Turkey Soup recipe here as well you can check it out.

Traditional Newfoundland Turkey Soup

Turkey Soup
Traditional Newfoundland Turkey Soup, with a side of rites crackers.

Thank you for taking the time today to check out my website and to read my blog, and enjoy the extra recipes I have shared with you. Its because of you I love sharing my quick and easy homemade meals with you. Please leave me a message before you go and let me know what you would like to see made and recorded on a beautiful video. FROM MY KITCHEN TO YOURS, have a wonderful day.

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