Everyone loves a little taste of dessert sometimes, this dessert is fun and not to much work. This marshmallow square is fluffy and its got a hint of vanilla favour and topped with toasted coconut.

These fluffy pink and yellow marshmallow squares are made gelatine.
marshmallow squares
Creamy and fluffy homemade marshmallow squares from gelatine.

If you are looking for a dessert that takes you back to your childhood, simpler days and only a couple of ingredients to make this lovely treat. I’m going to share a couple more dessert recipes and maybe a meal recipe so you can check them out.

Chocolate Marshmallow Treats  Bonita;s Kitchen

Chocolate marshmallow treats topped with crushed peppermint candy cane.

This dessert is really a little treat and its made with marshmallows, topped with chocolate and rolled in crushed candy cane.

Traditional Newfoundland Old Fashion Trifle

Old Fashion Trifle
Delicious scoop of old fashion trifle topped with cool whip.

This delicious dessert is one many people made years ago, not a lot of steps and you can use any type of fruit, whipped cream and cake mix.

I have over 100 recipes posted to my website over these last three years, most of my recipes are Traditional Newfoundland meals and some is one’s I have put together and some is viewers choices. People asking me to make a recipe for them to follow is called my viewers choices, thats what my channel is all about. Helping teach you how to make a recipe and feel comfortable in your kitchen, the old fashion way and the way I remember as a child growing up in Newfoundland years ago. 

Traditional Newfoundland Beef Stew with Pastry

Traditional Newfoundland Beef Stew with Pastry
Beef Stew and Pastry is packed full of hearty vegetables, beef and it’s seasoned perfectly.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and look at my videos on this website, these recipes are quick and easy steps to something very delicious for you and your family.

So from my kitchen to yours, have a wonderful day. 🙂

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Thank You and Enjoy Bonita 🙂


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