Delicious plate of Pan Fried Caplin with boiled potatoes and fat pork scrunchions, plus fresh homemade bread with butter.

There is so many ways you can cook or eat Caplin, pan fried in scrunchions or smoked, pickled and dried. If you have eaten Caplin before you will enjoy them anyway you have them. This video is for pan fried Caplin and served with homemade bread and boiled potatoes.

This is a plate of fresh Caplin ready for cleaning and pan frying.

This time in the season between June and July Caplin starts to roll in on the beaches across Newfoundland and Labrador to spawn and people go out to try and catch them with nets and buckets. Caplin is use not only for people to eat, they are eaten attracted by other predators including fish, whales, seabirds. People use the Caplin in their gardens over vegetable’s for national fertilizer. We also use Caplin season as a sport to go out to the beaches and watch the Caplin roll and sometimes if you are really lucky there may be a cod or two roll in with them. 😊

This is a plate of smoked Caplin ready to eat.

These smoked Caplin are usually warmed over a campfire or BBQ for people to enjoy as a snack” they are so good. Mmmmm

Fresh Caplin cleaned and ready to pan fry in a cast iron pan with fat pork, butter and oil.

I can remember when I was a child my dad and mom would take us Caplin watching and we would be having so much fun on the beach. Most Newfoundland beaches are small round rocks not sand, my dad had a big cast net that would fly out into the water and he would pull it tight then drag it in full of Caplin. We would have five gallon white buckets there on the beach waiting for dad to open up the net and the Caplin would go in the buckets and over the beach. I can hear all of us girls screaming watching the Caplin just flip and flop everywhere.

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my video and read my blog, this is why I love my work sharing our cultural recipes and stories with you and your family. So from my kitchen to yours thank you please like and share any of my video and recipes and have a wonderful day.

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