Pan Fried Cod Fillets
Traditional Newfoundland Pan Fried Cod Fillets with a side dish of fried flat potatoes and mash carrots and turnip. Im thinking that I don’t need to sell you on this delicious pan fried cod meal, anything with cod in it speaks for it’s self. I’ve displayed in this plate with the pan fried cod, fried potatoes first I boiled them until almost cooked then cut them in dollar chips and seasoned them lightly with some sea salt and pepper then fried them in a little oil until golden brown.

Next I boiled a couple of carrots and one turnip together until cooked then drained the water off and mashed it together with one tbsp of butter, I love serving vegetables with every meal.

This meal years ago was made every second day in most Newfoundland homes because cod was plentiful but this day in age cod is not so plentiful, it’s more seasonal. So when I can I try to stock up on the cod fillets and freeze for special occasions. Cod is one of my favourite fish to eat, I have so many recipes available with cod in them.

Traditional Newfoundland Cod au Gratin, Traditional Newfoundland Stuffed Cod, Traditional Newfoundland Pan Fried Cod Tongues, Traditional Newfoundland Cod Casserole, Traditional Newfoundland Seafood Chowder, Traditional Newfoundland Fish Cake, Traditional Newfoundland Fish and Brewis.

Traditional Newfoundland Seafood Chowder
A delicious bowl of Seafood Chowder
Traditional Newfoundland Pan Fried Cod Tongues
Pan Fried Cod Tongues fried in butter and olive oil with salt and pepper until golden brown.
Traditional Newfoundland Stuffed Codfish
Codfish stuffed with savoury dressing and wrapped in smoked bacon.
Fish and Brewis
Fish & Brewis

These are a few reasons why you should have lots of cod available in you fridge or freezer because we have so many delicious dishes you can make with cod in them. I will be making more cod meals over these next few months so check back and see what they are so you can give them a try.

This recipe for Pan Fried Cod is featured in my new cookbook now available.

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My new cookbook now available.
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