Pan Fried Pond Trout
Traditional Newfoundland Pan Fried Pond Trout, they are rolled in flour lightly seasoned with sea salt and pepper. The fried in a cast iron frying pan with fat pork, butter and a drizzle of oil until golden brown, so delicious.

I don’t know where to start with this delicious recipe, I would love for everyone to have access to a beautiful pond and to be able to have a lovely day catching trout.

Beautiful day by the side of the pond catching trout with my sister Chef Pauline.

I always love to use the term, this is as good as it’s gets, because having a day that makes you feel like you was at a spa who can ask for more. This episode of Bonita’s Kitchen was partly video by a beautiful road side pond with tones of little and big pond trout. I would have loved to stay there longer but we had a video to do and I wanted to share this beautiful day with all of you.

My sister Pauline is a Certified Chef and have been working at a local cafe for a long time and enjoys every minute of it, I was so pleased to have her cook with me on Bonita’s Kitchen. 🤗

My husdand is my right hand man if not for him I would not be able to give you these beautiful videos and scenic shots, a big thank you to RM Productions.

RM Production on location
These delicious Pan Fried Pond Trout are ready to be fried.

So if you haven’t already done so go look at this video for Traditional Newfoundland Pan Fried Pond Trout, it will make you hungry so make yourself a snack. I also would like to thank each one of you for subscribing to my Youtube channel and sending me your requests for Traditional Newfoundland recipes. Its because of you I love my work and giving you a little taste of home, from my kitchen to yours have a wonderful day.

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