Partridgeberry Nut Loaf
Traditional Newfoundland Partridgeberry Nut Loaf with a lemon glaze over top, this partridgeberry nut loaf is made with frozen berries that I picked last fall.

Partridgeberries are a sour berry that is picked in late summer or early fall, they look a lot like cranberries but smaller. Most people usually make partridgeberry jam or jelly with them. But there are still a few that like to bake loafs, pies and cakes with them.

This recipe is one I have enjoyed making for years, partridgeberries are my favourite berry and I can’t get enough of, so when I get the chance the pick them or if someone gives me some I would freeze a few for the winter months.  Then I will make jams and jellies and bottle them for the long winter months as well.

Because partridgberries are a sour berry they mix will with apples to make a cobbler or pies.

Partridgeberry Nut Loaf
Traditional Newfoundland Partridgeberry Nut Loaf with a delicious lemon glaze icing.

Traditional Newfoundland Partridgeberry Jam

Traditional Newfoundland Partridgeberry Jam
Freshly picked Partridgeberry made into a sweet and tart Jam or jelly.

Traditional Newfoundland Baked Partridgeberry Pudding

Baked Partridgeberry Pudding
Baked Partridgeberry Pudding topped with a dusting of powdered icing sugar.

These are two links to more delicious ways to cook with your fresh or frozen partridgeberries.

Fresh frozen partridgeberries good in season or out of season. 

Please take the time to leave me a message before you go and seat back with a cup of tea or beverage of choice and enjoy my step by step video on how to make this delicious Baked Partridgeberry loaf, Thank you so much for visiting my website today and reading my blog. I love sharing my recipes with you and your family to help make your job easier and to put a lovely meal on the table. From my kitchen to yours, have a wonderful day and enjoy baking these recipes I’ve shared with you today.

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