Pickled Onions
Traditional Newfoundland Pickled Onions with sweet red peppers, pickled spices topped with a sweet and sour mixture of white vinegar and sugar.

I have got a few different pickles on my website but this one I love to have on so many delicious meals, but I do have mustard cabbage pickles that is also my favourite. I guess I’m not sure anymore I love them all, please take the time to make these Pickled Onions.

Pickling spice with bay leaves.

Ingredients for pickled onions with sweet red peppers and yellow onions.

We need to take a little more time in our busy lives to slow down and get back to the basic, stop spending so much money on take out, years ago people had big families and they made and did everything. Ok Before you say it; yes many of our mothers didn’t work at a income job but they worked very hard providing for their families.

I’m just saying” there are big rewards in making your own food, preparing meals and bottling your own pickles, soup and jams. Believe me I’ve been doing this for many years and you can ask anyone that know me or my children they will say the same thing I always made sure a cooked meal was on the table. I worked many hours away from my home, took my kids to their sports and music, but at the end of the day if I didn’t prepare the night before I would cook that day, just something don’t have to be fantastic.

Pickled onions
Open face sandwich with avacodo, fata cheese, and pickled onions.

These meals I have on my website is an example of the way our moms and our grandparents cooked years ago and they only had so much food to go along way. Look at this recipe for Pickled Onions, this is so easy and low in cost and it makes five bottles of pickles. You can store in your cold storage or in your fridge and enjoy everyday or when you like too.

Pickled Onions
Delicious pickled Onions bottled in one cup mason jars.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and video for Pickled Onions and I can’t say enough about it to you , if you like pickles you will like these. Thank you so much for visiting my website and reading my blog, I hope you try this recipe and any of the other ones I have featured on the page. Once again thank you and from my kitchen to yours have a wonderful day.

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