Raspberry Jam
Traditional Newfoundland Raspberry Jam, these fresh raspberries was picked in my sisters yard. These wild raspberries are full of nutrition and vitamin C, it is very hard to only eat a few and they make delicious jam.

If you are looking for a berry that is totally the easiest berry to pick, will’ this is the one. My husband don’t like picking berries but when I say come with me and pick some raspberries he is the first in line. šŸ¤— I can’t say enough good about picking any berry and/or growing them, shopping local for fresh fruit and vegetables. Cooking at home and making your own jams, jellies, soup and so much more……Ā 

Raspberry Jam
Freshly picked raspberries made into this delicious jam.
Raspberry Jam
Homemade raspberry jam with fresh bread and pastry tarts.

I love this time of year because of all the berries and freshly grown food you can get, I’m sure there must be more people out there like me.Ā Traditional Newfoundland Bakeapple JamĀ 

Bakeapple Jam
Homemade Bakeapple jam, another delicious jam that you can make so much wonderful desserts with.
Raspberry Jam
Freshly picked raspberries from my sisters yard.

When making raspberry jam keep in mind that you may need to boil the berry a little longer then some, they give off more liquid and you need to condense this and add equal amounts of sugar. These delicious berry comes from the same family as a blackberries or plum boys they look the same only a different colour.

Traditional Newfoundland Plumboy Berries & Cream Cheese Mini Pies

These delicious berries are black in colour and taste like raspberries or blackberries

I can talk about how good berries are for you and how much I love picking them and cooking with them, but I will let you watch the video and look at the pictures and they will do the talking for me. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and read my blog, I appreciate all your support.

So from my kitchen to your have a wonderful day.

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