Seven Layer Dinner
Delicious, Traditional Newfoundland seven layer dinner

This meal was one my Dad made for many years, he would make it with Bologna and Vienna sausages.

I remember him making sure the wood stove was burning well and then he would take out his cast iron pan and place it on the stove top to heat up.

Then he will start layering the vegetables and ingredients then top with Bologna and tomato soup, sometimes if he didn’t have tomato soup he would use ketchup.

Meals like this one will go along ways, many people had big families.

Mom would have fresh bread baked and a pot of tea warming on the stove top, Mmmmmm” I can smell it now.

My Dad grow his own vegetables and every second year he would try something new, he also grow garlic and broccoli he would like to try new vegetables to see if we would like them.

Many wonderful memories of our Dad working very hard in the garden to make sure we had enough vegetables to last all winter.


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