Turnip Greens
Fresh turnip greens, these bright green leaves are from small turnip plants. They are from a early crop and trimmed  also called thinned out to make room for the crop to grow, also you can get Greens from rape seed. They look and taste the same.

Turnip Greens and Greens also called ( rape seed ) these bight green leaves are very good for you and rich in vitamins. Growing up in a small community in Newfoundland my Dad was a local organic farmer and he had a variety of different vegetable’s and berries he would plant every year. I guess I was spoiled because we never had to purchase any vegetable’s just go out into our garden and pick up what we needed.

Our way of cooking these greens are my having them with a boiler of Jiggs dinner, but that’s not the only way. You can have these fried up with your favourite stir fry or steamed and make a hot dip with cream cheese, the same way you would make spinach dip. What ever way you decide to use these bright green leaves I’m sure you will enjoy them.

Boiled Turnip Greens
Traditional Newfoundland Turnip Greens, cooking them with Jiggs Dinner or boil down to bottle or bag for another meal. When cooking these greens with your boiled Jiggs dinner put them at the top of your potatoes in your boiler to continue cooking. They only need the last ten minutes of your Jiggs dinner cook up, then remove them from your boiler and let them strain all of the liquid out of them. Then continue on the same way you would when taking all your vegetables out of your boiler, I have a link attached if you need a refresher course on cooking Jiggs dinner.
Turnip Greens
Bottled turnip greens, first was boiled down for 5 minutes then these bright green leaves are scooped into a bottle and sealed for a later date.

I hope you found this episode of Bonita’s kitchen helpful for you today, on how to boil down your Greens or Turnip Greens to keep in your freezer or bottles for a later date. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to view my video and blog, from my kitchen to yours have a wonderful day.

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