Hard bread also called Hard Tack.
Traditional Newfoundland Homemade Hard Bread also called Hard Tack, this is a hard biscuit we use to make fish and brewis  or moose and brewis. It is also use when cooking wild game, you will soak it in cold water overnight to soften it up to use in the meal.

This is a quick and easy recipe for hard bread and I’m glad to have a video to show you how to make it, sometimes the simplest recipes we are afraid to try but rest assure you will love this one.

Dough for making hard bread
Dough shaped into a block to cut out 12 pieces of dough to make hard bread.
Small pieces of dough ready to go in the oven to make hard bread.
Traditional Newfoundland Homemade Hard Bread made from three simple ingredients.

These small biscuits are available in stores sold by purity and have been enjoyed by many people, they are not only used for cooking with fish, moose and wild game. They are good by itself warmed with butter and sugar over them and a nice cup of tea.

They are not a lot of work to make but most people are busy and can’t find time to cook a meal, they are not going to make hard bread. But for the 10% of people that don’t have access to these small biscuits you will be so glad to have this recipe. After they are baked let them cool down and then store them in a plastic bag or a paper bag in your cupboard until they are all gone. Remember to visit the link on Bonita’s kitchen for Traditional Newfoundland Fish and Brewis and Fish Cakes you will glad to have this recipe to complete your delicious recipe.

Thank you reading my blog and taking the time to comment and like and sharing any of my videos, we so appreciate all your support. We are trying to reach out to as many people we can so they can enjoy our cultural foods. So from my kitchen to yours have a wonderful day.

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