Bakeapple Picking and Preserving
Traditional Newfoundland Bakeapple Picking in the bog lands, wet meadows and marshes.

Bakeapples are a early berry they are ready to pick in late July and early August. There will still be a lot of raw berries among them but because these berries are hard to find you can’t leave any behind. You may have heard of the saying ” Its a will headen secret ” people don’t like to give up the place where they pick Bakeapples. 

When picking Bakeapples you will most likely see this beautiful Newfoundland Picture Plant growing in the same bog and marsh lands. This is a picture of them they are a beautiful hearty flower that almost looks like a bake apple.

Newfoundland Picture Plant found in the blog lands.
Newfoundland Picture Plant found in the bog lands with Bakeapple berries.
Bakeapple Picking and Preserving
This is a Bakeapple plant that grow wild in the blog lands of Newfoundland and Labrador
Bakeapple Picking and Preserving
Bakeapples in cold water to preserve them and let them ripe some more.

Some say Bakeapples can withstand cold temperatures down to as low as-40°c that’s cold. But they are very sensitive to dry conditions and salt, just a little tidbit of information.

Bakeapple Picking and Preserving
Freshly picked Bakeapples bottled to preserve the berry.
Bakeapple Cream Cheese Tarts
Delicious Bakeapple cream cheese tarts with fresh Bakeapples on the side.
Bakeapple Jam
Homemade Bakeapple jam

I love making things from scratch, these pictures of Bakeapple tarts and jam say it all. Most definitely you need to take total advantage of seasonal foods, berries, vegetables, seafood and so much more. The satisfaction you get from making your own food goes beyond words can say, I know you have heard me say this before but I’m serious. Just remember if you can’t cook every day maybe you can do some prep work on the weekends or your days off and make it a fun family event. 

1. Make a menu for the week.

2. Pick up the food you would need for each meal and clean and separate in bags or airlock containers.

3. Date and label the meal you will be cooking on that day.

4. Then each day take the ingredients for the meal you will be making that day and enjoy cooking or baking.

5. Also you can do prep work the night before and keep it in your fridge until you get home from work.

This is something you can do with your kids or husband, even plan what night each person can have their favourite meal, I hope this little menu plan helps you get started on your homemade cooking plan. 

Back to Bakeapples these delicious berries have a small stone on the inside and looks something like a raspberry but the colour in a peach. They can last for a long time preserved in cold water and kept in a cold place, then when you are ready to use them just drain the water off and  enjoy fresh or cooked.

I like to thank each and everyone of you that have followed Bonita’s kitchen and enjoying my blogs, from my kitchen to yours have a wonderful day.

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