Beer Battered Cod
Traditional Newfoundland beer battered cod, made with fresh cod and a delicious homemade beer batter, deep fried until golden brown and crispy. I served my meal with homemade potato salads but you can have homemade French  frys.

I will share some more pictures of this delicious deep fried beer battered cod with you and also I’m going to include a link to my salads in under the cold plates episode.

Beer Battered Cod
Fresh Atlantic cod
Beer Battered Cod
Crispy deep fried beer battered cod
Beer battered cod frying in a approved beep fryer.
Beer battered cod
Delicious plate of deep fried beer battered cod with a side of homemade potato salad.
Beer batter for your cod fillets.

I have eaten a lot of deep fried cod in many restaurants before and I give it two thumbs up because it was so good, but this recipe to me and many people that have tryed it tastes just as good if not better. I know you are thinking she is tooting her own horn, haha this may be true but I won’t lie to you about that. Give it a try and maybe even make it for your family and friends they are the best food critics and then drop me a message telling me what you think about this recipe.

Most of all make this delicious beer battered cod meal for yourself and set back a enjoy every bite, I’m writing this blog and looking at these delicious photos of the cod and my mouth is watering. 

If you are not a cod fish lover or you don’t have access to cod you can use another white fish this will work ok, and save this recipe in your favourites to revisit when you have access to Atlantic cod.

Thank you once again from Bonita’s kitchen for taking the time out of your busy day to visit, share and like our videos and recipes if not for you I won’t be writing this blog and enjoying making these Traditional Newfoundland video recipes for you to enjoy.

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