Cod Casserole
Traditional Newfoundland Cod Casserole made with fresh cod and homemade stuffing called dressing, made with savoury.

This recipe was given to me by my Aunt Clara she have been making this recipe for years for her family. I was so delighted by the ingredients and how quick and easy it was to make I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone else.

My Aunt Clara is a lovely cook and have been making some delicious seafood meals for her family and a lot of visitors as well for years.  I’m so glad she shared this recipe with me, anyway back to this delicious quick and easy meal that your family will love, that’s if they love cod.

When making this dish use fresh cod or if you are using frozen cod let it thaw first pat it dry and then follow this recipe. Frozen fish or frozen berries they release a lot of liquid when they start to thaw so diffently remove it.

If you like deep fried cod with French fry sand dressing you will love making this meal. Ok” it’s not deep fried but it is a combination of cod and dressing together and the best part it’s baked.

Cod Casserole
Layers of fresh cod and homemade dressing with savoury.

also if you would like to have homemade fries with it and make a side of gravy go ahead it’s your meal and you can make it the way you like it.

Cod Casserole
Homemade cod casserole served with a side of vegetables and potatoes

I served mine with a side of vegetables and potatoes with no gravy. This baked cod casserole dish is nice a moist and it got a crispy top layer that is so tasty it’s hard to have only one serving.

So many delicious cod recipes out there made by many people all over the world, but I do believe growing up in a little community in Newfoundland you just can’t beat the Atlantic Cod and the way the east coast people have cooked it. I know their are people out there that would disagree but before you do just try some of these cod recipes and then tell me what you think. Enjoy

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