Fish and Brewis
Traditional Newfoundland Fish & Brewis this is a delicious meal mostly enjoyed on Christmas Eve with a big piece of Sweet Molasses Bread dripping with butter and more molasses.
Traditional Newfoundland Sweet Molasses Raisin Bread
Traditional Newfoundland Sweet Molasses Raisin Bread.

I will share with you the link to this delicious bread.

Traditional Newfoundland Sweet Molasses Raisin Bread

The fish and Brewis will be topped off with scrunchions and fried onions, Scrunchions is fat pork fried until crispy.

Fat pork frying called Scrunchions

So many wonderful meals you can make with salted fish but by far this one must be my favourite, but I also love fish cakes and they are pretty much the left overs from your fish and Brewis.

Fish cakes
Traditional Newfoundland Fish Cakes.

I will share the link to my homemade fish cakes.

Traditional Newfoundland Fish Cakes

Sometimes I like serving fish and Brewis with a couple of toutons now what a lovely way to enjoy a delicious meal.

Toutons and Frozies
Fried toutons/bankers

and I’m going to share another link for homemade toutons for you to have easy access to these delicious recipes.

Traditional Newfoundland Toutons and Frozies

Years ago fish and Brewis was a very popular meal, cod fish was plentiful fishermen and most Newfoundland people would salt there cod fish to keep for the winter months and it was easy to store this way. The same goes for hard bread you can have bags of them and it would never go bad.
Hard bread, Also known as Hard Tack, is a firm biscuit baked in a time honoured tradition to create its unique texture. This type of biscuit was onced used by sailors to replace bread, owing to its long shelf life. Hard Bread is predominantly used to prepare traditional Fish and Brewis, but is also used with other dishes such as wild game and bacon, or on its own as a snack.

Hard Bread
Hard bread soaking in cold water to prepare it for making these delicious fish and brewis meal. You can soak it over night to use the next day or soak it early in the morning to use for making supper. I can remember years ago making just hard bread warmed with butter and sugar over the top it was so tasty.

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