Isabell's Dessert
Traditional Newfoundland-Isabell’s Dessert, this is a four layer dessert with graham cracker base, a lemon layer, jello, then whipped Nutriwhip

Isabell’s Dessert

I can’t stop talking about this delicious dessert, when I first taste it I fall in love with it. This dessert somehow reminded me of my childhood, I can remember my mom and dad always making something new with jello. Sunday dessert was all about jello and custard, but sometimes my parents would make something fancy with jello.

Isabell's Dessert
Four layer dessert with, Graham cracker base with a layer of lemon filling, jello and whipped Nutriwhip.

I asked Isabell what the name of her dessert was and she said it’s just this and that. Will I laughed! 🤗 and said no you must have a name for it, she said no I’ve been making this dessert for years and years and it don’t have a name. So I asked her can I make it on my Bonita’s kitchen channel and she said go ahead. So I named it Isabell’s Dessert but it got Traditional Newfoundland written all over it because of the ingredients used and that Isabell is a Newfoundlander and lives right here, so thank you Isabell for giving us permission to make your dessert I hope I come close to yours just by looking at it. 🤗

Isabell's Dessert
Traditional Newfoundland-Isabell’s Dessert

So if you are looking for a simple dessert that everyone will enjoy give this one a try and I’m sure you too will make this one of your favourites. Thank you to each one of you that visited my site and read my blog today, it’s because of you I love my job and sharing our Traditional Newfoundland recipes with you and your family. So from my kitchen to yours, you have a wonderful day.

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