Moose and Brewis
Traditional Newfoundland Moose and Brewis, this delicious tenderized meat cooked and flavoured to your taste. Served with a nice helping of hard bread and topped with fat pork, called scrunchions and fried onions.
Fat pork fried nice and crispy this is called scrunchions.
Hard bread
Hard bread soaking in cold water
Moose Steak
Moose Steak
Moose and Brewis
Display of ingredients needed for moose and brewis.

Moose meat you like it or you don’t there is no in between, but for the people that like it you also need to change up the usual way you cook the meat. I remember my Dad cooking big roasts of moose meat and marinating it over night in so many different ingredients and he would never tell you. 

Then for the percentage of people that Don’t like moose meat you can do whatever you like with the meat and they can’t bring themselves to even try it, and that’s  ok.

This recipe for moose and Brewis was suggested by my brother in law and he makes this meal often but again he is not going to give you all of his special ingredients and he did suggest that I make a video. Which brings be back to my original topic about people from different communities within Newfoundland they make the same recipe but just makes it a little different. But it is still called Traditional Newfoundland recipes, that’s what makes it so interesting.

I have another recipe for moose meat if you are interested in trying it.

Traditional Newfoundland Moose Stroganoff

Traditional Newfoundland moose stroganoff
Moose stroganoff in a creamy mushroom sauce with egg noodles

Traditional Newfoundland Moose Roll

Moose Roll
Moose roll served with mashed potatoes and masted carrots.

When you are cooking with moose meat you almost need to babysit the meat, by letting it cook slow so the meat will be tender and have the right amount of seasonings but not to much salt. Take a few minutes and look at the video and then make yourself this delicious meal for Traditional Newfoundland Moose and Brewis. Enjoy

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Continue on this the recipe for Traditional Newfoundland Moose and Brewis.

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