Traditional Newfoundland Cold Plates
Mustard salad and beet salad with cold cuts.

Cold plate suppers is a old time meal that I’m sure everyone that lived in Newfoundland or is from Newfoundland have had this meal more then once in life time.

We would also have with this cold plate a jello salad, corn salad or whatever your mom would make to dress up the plate. Bread roll with margarine ” butter” and of course a piece of old Chedder cheese.

I’m sure there are many different salads that was made, like a plain white potato salad.

Also from dessert we would have homemade custard and jello.

Vanilla Custard Pudding
Vanilla custard pudding with whipped cream and chocolate

I have got a lot of requests for homemade cold plates over this last three years working on Bonita’s Kitchen, I hope you enjoy making these salads. When making any recipe I post on my website please remember these are not my recipes they are years of many people of Newfoundland and Labrador that have made these dishes I’m just providing you access to these meals. I do have a few recipes on my website that I’ve made for years for my family. But please don’t feel you have to follow the recipes to the dime because you can substitute any of the ingredients to meet your dietary needs.

Traditional Newfoundland Cold Plates
TraditionalNewfoundland Cold plateswith mustard salad, beet salad, coleslaw, tomato, iceberg lettuce, cheese, turkey roll and ham.

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