Layered Lemon Cake
Traditional Newfoundland Layered Lemon Cake with lemon filling and topped with Nutriwhip to make this delicious lemon cake.

This delicious layered lemon cake recipe was given to me from my beautiful sister Gertie, she have been making this cake for our family for years I can remember her making this when I was a child and then she continue on making it for her kids and husband. I could remember almost ever Sunday having this delicious cake, the only thing I didn’t like was I only could have one piece because it had to be shared up among a big family.

I’m hoping she gave me her recipe not the condensed version hahaha, no it was her’s I would have know because again I have been eating this one for years. 

My sister always used the cake mix version but if you like to try the recipe posted from scratch that one will work too. I have made both and they are equally delicious, but sometimes it’s nice to make it yourself.

Pasty Puffs
Whipped Cream or Nutriwhip will work prefect for this recipe too.

I have been asked why are you calling your recipes Traditional I didn’t have that before?

My recipes starts with Traditional because over many generations Newfoundlanders have made the same recipes but have called them different names, and made them a little different. Who am I to say there recipes are not original if they been making them for generations for their families. That’s what I like about our cultural foods, trying the way you made it and then comparing it to the way I’ve made it, my mom or her mom made it. Then sharing it with people all over the world that always wanted to try or make food from Newfoundland but didn’t have a recipe to follow.

Plus I like to include a video that gives you step by step how to make that recipe, also will include a recipe to follow. 

If you don’t like the ingredients in the recipe that I’m providing for you, you can substitute it to the ingredients that you would like to use. It may not be the way they made it years ago but it’s the way you would like to make it. I hope that is clear enough for you and you make it your own, because that is who you are making it for.

I’m including a couple of links to other desserts you may like to try.

Traditional Newfoundland Blueberries and Cream Trifle

Blueberries and Cream Trifle
TraditionalNewfoundland  Blueberry Trifle

Traditional Newfoundland Boiled Apple Pudding

Steamed Apple pudding
Two delicious pieces of boiled Apple pudding topped with carnation whipped cream.

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