Cranberry Sauce
Traditional Newfoundland Cranberry Sauce freshly picked by the light house in Port de Grave.
Cranberry Sauce
Freshly picked cranberries they are so colourful and so easy to pick.

When it comes to food I always try to buy local or pick myself so I know I’m getting quality, sometimes thats not possible for everyone to do but diffently try your best. Cranberry sauce is something almost everyone loves, this bright red berry is tart and full of vitamin C.

Beautiful Light House in Port de Grave NL, where I picked our cranberries for this delicious cranberry sauce.

Growing up in Newfoundland picking any type of berry was normal, we would have different times to pick then. Cranberries and Partridgeberries were the last berry to pick for the season, and they are my favourite berries for Jams, Jellies and Sauces. I can remember many trips to the light house in Port de Grave NL, my dad believed that you should work hard for your food and we did exactly that.

Picking cranberries for our Cranberry Sauce.

I tried to pick enough cranberries to make cranberry sauce and jelly but they still had a week or more to fully ripe, I have some in a box that I put outside in the sun to continue to ripe. I will share with you a recipe to make the jelly and maybe I will make that recipe soon. I have a recipe here for Partridgeberry Jam the berry is very similar but much smaller. Traditional Newfoundland Partridgeberry Jam

Traditional Newfoundland Partridgeberry Jam
Freshly picked Partridgeberries made into a sweet and tart Jam or jelly.

I know on every blog I talk about how much I love sharing with you stories about how important it is to cook and bake your own food. Making it yourself gives you the satisfaction of knowing how it was cooked and the glory of your family loving your food. We are making these beautiful videos so you to can make your own meals, and the recipes can be changed to meet your taste in food. Thank you once again for taking the time to visited my website and read my blog, send me a message if there is something you would like to see on a cooking video. I would love to help you enjoy cooking and baking the way I do, so from my kitchen to yours.

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